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Our Mission

To establish programs affording empowerment opportunities toward self-sufficiency and renewed hope, i.e. education, training, housing assistance, vocational and life skills development and to establish demonstration subsidized and non-subsidized family services centers, i.e. centers of learning excellence to prepare children for higher education and enrichment learning opportunities.


Our Goals

  • To provide children with a happy, healthy and safe environment.

  • To provide stimulating experiences that will promote mental, physical, social and emotional growth.

  • To provide early identification of children with special needs.

  • To provide resources for parents to help improve their parenting skills and provide support services for them within the constraints of the budget.

Center for Learning Excellence

The ultimate goal of education is to prepare each child to become healthy, productive adults who make positive contributions to society. Schools play a significant role in helping children succeed, and the research on young children now highlights the preschool years as critical in getting ready for school. Children are ready for school when they are physically healthy, have engaged in positive experiences with other children, are learning to manage their feelings, have good communication skills and are enthusiastic and curious about learning. It is through the experiences in their homes, at their early education and care settings, and the support of their community that children come to school ready for success.  
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