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Programs Supporting &

Strengthening Families

Renu Hope Foundation offers the following services to support and strengthen families:   (a) on site early intervention and quality child care;


(b) school readiness/kindergarten readiness programs;

(c) parenting classes;

(d) vocational educational training such as Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) through a partnership with Beaumont Unified School District, Beaumont Adult School;

(e) Local Community Colleges and Riverside County Office of Education;

(f) English as A Second Language (ESL);

(g) Life Skills Training and; 

(h) college accredited Early Childhood Education training/practicum  and scholarship assistance.  

Contact Family Services:

Achieving " Desired Results" for Children, Families and Communities...

Annual Parent Surveys and school performance records indicate children who participated at Renu Hope Foundation had continuing school success up through elementary grade.  Of the 150 Renu Hope Foundation Staff, 24% are former parents/clients while 11% were enrolled in one of Renu Hope Foundation Preschool Programs.  Renu Hope Foundation is recognized as an accredited training site in these areas: Early Childhood Education teacher training; Licensed Vocational Nursing training; Culinary Arts training; and Workforce Investment. Renu Hope Foundation has been recognized for “Outstanding Service to our Children and their Families to the Greater Community” (Marion Ashley, Supervisor 5th District, April 17, 2003).

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